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About The Firm

Core Design, Inc. is a privately owned team of professionals and technicians that specialize in Planning, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, Civil Engineering and Surveying services for commercial, residential and public land development projects. Core Design has been practicing for over fifty years in the Seattle area. Some of the company's milestones include:


The Beginning

John B. Dodds, a University of Washington graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering, set out to start an independent consultant service. He began by renting an office in the Homemakers Center on the NW corner of 8th and 104th (now Bellevue Way). With his wife acting as bookkeeper and office assistant, he was the only licensed civil engineer/land surveyor on the east side for many years.

Late 1950s – Early 1960s

Getting Started

John B. Dodds served as the City Engineer for Bellevue, Medina and Redmond. His primary duty was to approve and stamp drawings for plats and road designs. He also played a key role for the City of Bellevue’s sewer implementation.


Business Growing

John B. Dodds opened a new office in Bellevue off of 130th. This time he had half a dozen employees, two of which were his sons Bruce J. Dodds, PE, PLS, and Douglas J. Dodds, PLS.


It’s Official

In February, Dodds Engineers incorporated.


Moving On

It was time for John B. Dodds to retire, leaving the company in his son, Bruce’s hands.


Getting Bigger Yet

Dodds Engineers built their own office building off of 148th Avenue in Bellevue.


Under New Management

Bruce left Dodds Engineers, passing the torch to his 5 partners. One partner, Edgar T. Jones, (who had started with the company in 1984) acted as Managing Principal.


Core is Born

On February 14th, the company changed its name and officially became Core Design, Inc.

In August of the same year, Core moved into a larger office building, down the street from their previous location.


Changing of the Guard

Kevin J. Vanderzanden succeeded the position of Managing Principal. Edgar T. Jones continued as an acting partner for the next 4 years.


Moving On

On December 31st, Edgar T. Jones retired from Core Design, Inc.


The Next Chapter

Partners Lafe B. Hermansen and Glenn R. Sprague, P.L.S. step into the leadership roles of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer as Kevin J. Vanderzanden retires. Core Design is growing and expanding the business. Core is focused on pursuing a wide variety of projects, professional growth and development, and continuing to be a leader in the land development community.