Core is excited to have recently partnered with, along with a number of their clients, The Housing Development Consortium (HDC); an association that was created to meet the housing needs of limited-income people throughout King County and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy and affordable home. Through education, advocacy, and leadership they support their members as they work to do so. In 2014 alone, HDC activities had an estimated economic impact in Washington State of over $2.6 billion dollars. They have collectively built and preserved over 43,200 affordable homes in 43 communities throughout King County, housing nearly 117,000 individuals, 9,800 of whom are children. Looking forward; over the next ten years, King County is projected to need at least 155,000 more affordable homes due to population growth and increasing disparities between wages and housing costs. Core knows that investing in affordable housing creates jobs and economic growth, and will continue to work with HDC and their community leaders to meet this exponentially growing need.

“When the lives of community members and their families are stabilized through affordable housing, they have a path for success and we all benefit.”

Read more about HDC and their mission here: